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To the uninitiated Smart Phone retail storeowner and consumers alike; the ultimate phones in smart phone are popular and high profile brands such as a Samsung or a Motorola. These are brands, which have high recall value, thanks to the constant bombardment of advertisements for their various models. For every new model they release you will be subjected to seeing the models everywhere around you- on newspapers, TV, and web too.

However, are you aware that under the hood all these brands use the same Operating System or software that allows the hardware of a smart phone to function smoothly? Customized features differentiate one brand from the other. Whether a Motorola or a Samsung, the consumers who buy from your retail store are paying more for the brand name than the technology.

Android OS

There are several types of OS available for Smart Phones. While Apple uses exclusive proprietary software to develop their stable of smart devices such as iPhone, iPad and several other products, there is alternative open source software available such as the Android, by Google. Now, Androids are the ultimate in mobile technology and are intuitive, marvellous software.

Thanks to Android Tablet PC

Thanks to Google’s revolutionary Android it is possible to build a host of devices and that includes the most successful form the Tablet PC. This is fast revolutionizing the computer world. No longer do people have to depend on expensive proprietary, high volume hardware to connect to the internet. The Android Tablet PC is a point in information technology that is making computing available everywhere at unmatched prices. Tech-entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly easy to assemble Android Tablet PC at very economical prices, thanks to its seminal technology behind it.

This is where the unbranded Android Tablet PC fascinates consumers/sellers

Considering that most brands are assembling the same processors, sound systems and slapping on different styles of hoods in a variety of colours and finishes here is something for the discerning Android Tablet PC who users, who use it for the pure technology that the Tablet PC offers.

Think about it..

The prices of a top-rate Tablet such as that offered by HTC Flyer is slated to cost around $730 and comes with first Android Gingerbread Tablet, with 7” inch screen, 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, 5MP Camera and a 1GHz Qualcomm CPU.

Xoom Tablet by Motorola is to cost $800 to $600 depending on the data plans you choose. With a formidable array of features such as a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 2 cameras and a HDMI Video it is one of the better priced tablets.

And Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Price with a 7-inch Multi-touch screen, has the latest Android OS v2.2 running and close to 1GHz Hummingbird application processor for enabling 3D graphics. Prices range from $200 to $400 and are probably the entry-prices for the tablet devices.

iPad by Apple, the first to bring out the Tablet comes on its close-source and costs $499 for a WiFi with 16GB. The 64GB model with WiFi and 3G is to cost over $829.

However, if you were to discover that a local brand such as Eximus Android 2.1 Tablet, with fully loaded features such as an 7 inch touch screen, WiFi, Camera as well as HDMI features costs a mere #132.45(shipping inclusive), then you would be the first to agree that the unbranded Androied Tablet PC is what you need to buy. Wholesale prices are as low as $115.43 and are shipped free of cost for bulk orders.

For branded Android Tablet PC you are essentially paying out of your pocket for style, looks, the attractive packaging and the brand-name. Their prices are fancy and the features tweaked attractively. However, it would surprise you to discover that you not only save on the money but you will be gaining on the technology front as well.

Here is why you should use the unbranded Android Tablet PC

Unbranded Android Tablet PC would offer you more variety in terms physical designs as well as help you save on the hardware costs. Retailers need to choose their vendors diligently as not all factory-priced Android Tablet PCs are premium quality. Peer review, top-listed manufacturers and online portals should be your choice.

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android tablet pc
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